macramé + garland backdrop tutorial featured on Ruffled Blog by Annie Armstrong

Building your ceremony decor may come across as daunting or even straight up scary, but this very simple DIY will lead you through how to build and elegant backdrop perfect for a wedding or any kind of party. All photos by Jesialex Photography | Venue: Light Lab


Supplies // you will need:


  • a branch, rod, or pole long enough for two people to stand under 
  • cotton rope -- about 4 bundles
  • floral snips
  • floral wire for wrapping the garland
  • assorted greenery -- I used: italian ruscus, baby blue eucalyptus, leather leaf fern, plumosus fern, lemon leaf, and kumquat foliage
  • blooms of your choice

Step One: Once you have your supplies all together you'll want to start with knotting the rope. Space each knot about 3-4 inches away from one another and double up your rope to do a simple loop over the branch and weave the rest of your rope through. You should have an uneven number of knots, and each knot should have two strands of rope hanging from it. Wrap the rope around and tie a knot at the base of each loop.


Step Two: Keep your rope strands untangled and begin your knotting process. Take the inner two strands of the first base knots on the left and tie another knot with them. I like to leave about 3-4 inches from the base knots to the first row, and then to keep consistent all the way through to create a nice even diamond shape. Continue this through the rest of the rope strands until you reach the other side. Do this again until you have between 3 to 4 rows of knots or unit it looks good to you.


Step Three: Build your garland! Gather a few different bunches of greens and layer them on top of one another. Wrap your wire around them a few times, be sure that it is very secure as this is kind of the lock, of the garland. Next continue to add greens and wrap them with the wire. You want to use a continual strand of wire, not individual pieces to wrap the whole garland. Don't worry about the wire pressing down on any of the leaves as you're wrapping, since the next layer of greenery will cover it. Allow some pieces to hang down and to be wild. When you're nearing the last foot or so of the garland, flip the direction that you are feeding the greens in so that the finishing side is nice and fluffy too. Cover up any areas where you can see the wire to make sure the garland is nice and full.


Step Four: Attach your garland to the branch. Zip ties, twine, or more floral wire work great here. I prefer asymmetry and like for my garland to hang just off one side of the branch.

BestDayEverxRuffled50 2.jpg

Step Five: Here's the fun part, add all your favorite blooms! I used juliet and romantic antike garden roses, blue hybrid delphinium, clematis, and ranunculus. You can use water picks here for your flowers to last longer, but make sure they're tucked in securely and so you can't see any of the tube. Now, step back and enjoy!



girls' weekend in palm springs by Annie Armstrong

was so honored to be featured on Rue Magazine alongside our favorite Gather Events gals. Check out this sweet weekend guide they put together! All photos by Ashley LaPrade

When planning a girls’ retreat, location is of the upmost importance.  For our GATHER girl gathering, we wanted somewhere that was private enough to feel like a true retreat, but equipped and aesthetically on point enough to offer the luxuries of a boutique hotel experience.  Thanks to Airbnb, we found the perfect spot! With the help of the amazing team at Archive Rentals and our girl Annie at Best Day Ever Floral Design, we outfitted the already stunning spot with all of the fun decor accents needed to truly create a magical getaway. Leaning on Moroccan influences and boho vibes, we incorporated lanterns and textiles and furniture that helped to define the different spaces and bring everything together.

The girls were greeted with personalized monogrammed totes from Madewell containing all of the essentials! Snacks, Swell bottles, girl-on-the-go tool kits and spa essentials.  Private chef, Katy Watson of My Dearest Watson, created the perfect spread for a welcome pool party. Prosciutto wrapped grilled peaches, shrimp ceviche, and the most beautiful cheese, charcuterie and crudité spread you can imagine! After some QT in the pool, we gathered all of the gals for an intimate Moroccan inspired, candlelit dinner.  Moroccan poufs, detailed textures and patterns and a color palette of cool turquoise, jade and light blush set the scene for the ultimate family style affair.

Day two began with some poolside yoga led by our gal across the pond, Meredith. After a breakfast smoothie bowl challenge and some serious pampering, we headed out to see some of the local sights and then returned for a lunch of grilled flatbreads and delicious salads and more pool time. 

Want to recreate something similar? Here are GATHER’s tips for creating a relaxing getaway:

- Pick the perfect place

- Ensure that everything one might need is on hand

- Bring the pretty (a little cohesive decor can go a long way!)

- Don’t jam pack the timeline

- Gather a great group and go!

society6 floor pillows! by Annie Armstrong

put together a fun little shoot for society6 and their launch of floor pillows! you have got to get your hands on some of these because they are so cute, comfy, and versatile. here's 5 different ways to use them and click here to shop! photos by Kate Rentz


1. brunch!

2. crafternoon. here we made fresh flower mandalas.

3. whine, wine, and paint night

4. sleepovaaa

5. outside lounging and also flower crowns because flowers

kaitlyn + tim by Annie Armstrong

This wedding brings such joy to my heart because, to me, there is nothing more fulfilling than a bride seeing what she envisioned come to life flawlessly for her big day. Kaitlyn wanted a garden inspired wedding that was wild and ethereal, she called it, "summer in October." Her bouquet was full of dahlias, snapdragons, garden roses, and ranunculus and tied off with Bellame chiffon ribbon. It was amazing getting to be a part of this day and seeing all of the people who so very much love kaitlyn and tim surround them and be a part of the beginning of their journey together! All photos by Tracy Dodson Photography.

Wedding Party + 018j rep.jpg


katie + shane by Annie Armstrong

On a sunny Friday morning up in Santa Barbara these two shared a sweet and intimate elopement that was every bit as stunning as it was magical. I'm pretty sure this couple could win an award for good style, so I was honored when Katie asked me to design her bouquet and flower crown for their special day. All photos by Jesialex Photography, you can see more on her blog at Enjoy! xx



flower crown bar by Annie Armstrong

For Kaitlyn's bridal shower she wanted to have an event that was whimsy, magical, and intimate. Thrown by her matron of honor, Emma, she put together the shower in just that way. I came along with my buckets and vases of flowers to have a custom bloom bar for the girls as they arrived. Everyone got to pick their favorites and wear their flower crown for the rest of the evening. It was such a fun and sweet bridal shower, and I am very much looking forward to the wedding! All photographs by Jessica Tenekegian of Jesialex Photography. 


pacific northwest by Annie Armstrong

my first time in washington was a total success. I seriously fell in love with it up there. my favorite part was kayaking in the san juan islands and I would 100% recommend that to any ocean lovers. even though I was only there for 3 days I really feel like I covered a lot of ground. pike place, top of the space needle, seattle center, great seafood, and some awesome exploring. here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip, enjoy! xx

ivy + rose by Annie Armstrong

inspiration often finds me in the strangest ways. for this shoot I felt particularly drawn to the combination of blue and pink, even thought that's not in my usual color palette, but it's good to get outside of your comfort zone, right?

I draw a lot, and it's so incredibly thrilling to see something that was in your head come to life, and I am so blessed to have talented and creative friends to help make it happen. 

photographer :: jessica tenekegian // jesialex photography

model :: alison griner