When I read these words, I cannot think of anything that better represents the mission of best day ever floral design. At my core, I seek to surround myself with beauty and inspire those around me. My creative career began at a fairly early age doing window displays and visual merchandising for a women's clothing company called Brandy Melville. It was during my time there that I cultivated my personal style and eye for design. I was so blessed in having the opportunity to do everything from furniture buying and intensive window display installations, to interior decorating and merchandising. As much as I loved traveling and working all the time, my heart was never really in fashion. I felt the lure of the wedding industry pulling at me more and more each day, so I switched gears completely and jumped right in. I interned and worked for multiple event and floral companies including Gather Events, Heirloom Design House, and Flower Girl Los Angeles, always with the goal of someday having my own company. One thing lead to another and here I am now! I specialize in a wild and lush aesthetic and try to keep things unexpected. "Anything but ordinary," is what I always tell myself before making something. I love doing weddings, hand tied bouquets, and flower crowns, but I am also super into styling with plants and flowers for photo shoots. To me, it's like the best of both visual display and floral design. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story, I am so looking forward to hearing yours!


xx annie